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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  June 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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learningght now, we're new information about the nightclub shooting in orlando. about an hour and a half ago, officials gave new details about the injured. this is the investigation --
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the deadly attack continues. the fbi says it is investigating reports that the suspect was a regular at the club he attacked and used gay dating apps. lauren lister is in orlando with new details into the investigation. lauren: a memorial growing in orlando. as fbi agents are hearing from witnesses, the suspect was a and clubs >> the shooter used to come into the bar on a regular basis. sometimes he would be there for a few weeks at a time, maybe on the weekend. lauren: fbi agents also hearing .ateen used gay dating apps >> we heard
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him asking, in his words, what clubs are popping and things of that sort. lauren: the suspect's was overnight hiding her face as fbi agents got her back to her apartment to pack up her things, and a victim's family speaking out about this video capturing the first gunshot. a 25-year-old documenting the chilling final moments before she lost her life. >> as a brother, the first thing you notice is the fear in her eyes and you want to be there and you cannot. lauren: the fbi seeking to open mateen'steam -- omar cell phone for more information. jummy: we are hearing from some of the survivors of the attack. officials with the orange regional medical center held
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the injured, including angel colon, who was shot several times. take a listen. >> out of nowhere, we just see a big shotgun. stop what we're doing, and then it just keeps going. that happened, and we just grabbed each other. we started running. unfortunately, i was shot about three times in my leg, so i have fallen down. i looked up, and some cop -- which i wish i could remember his face or his name because as want to say i'm grateful for him. inmy: 27 victims are still the hospital, six of whom are still critical. doctors say they may still see other victims come into the hospital in the next few days. president obama plans to travel to orlando thursday to honor the victims. the white house says president obama plans to pay respect to the victims' families and stand in can solidarity
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community. president obama has called the shooting an act of terrorism and hate. we are waiting on a counter isis meeting going on at the treasury department. we will take that for you live when it gets under way, so stay tuned life when it begins. the possibility of attacks on soft targets like is the world and the orlando nightclub really a concern for local law enforcement. sam sweeney is in the dupont circle neighborhood with more. sam: in northwest d.c., specifically dupont circle, it is the home to the d.c. gay community. you can see behind me the lgbt colors fly proudly here on 17th street over the weekend. thousands of people filled the streets for the pride festival, but now there is a different feeling. many of these bars and clubs have safety on their minds. it is not clear they are soft targets. we went out and spoke with several gay bar managers to see if things are changing. base rate no more
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be allowed inside. some will have me security staff and others will require pat downs, at least for the time being. the police chief is also weighing in, saying the department nightlife units will be on a heightened state of alert, but the big question -- will any of this actually make a difference? we set out to speak with people about their thoughts on the extra nightlife security, and everyone we spoke with was on the same page. >> gun control is the only way we're going to get around this. you cannot fight guns with more guns. >> having stricter gun laws. i mean, this is a tragic event, but we ar@e consistently seeing tragic events every week in every city. sam: important to know there was a police officer at the door that night in orlando. he fired shots and tried to stop mateen made it past him and was able to take the lives of ordinary and innocent people
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49 innocent people. jummy: isis has claimed responsibility on a deadly stabbing attack on two police officers and france. the 29-year-old suspect first into the home of police officers, stabbing them, as well as a woman in the home who was also an officer. the attacker was killed and two other people are being detained this new. ck here at home, activists continue to call for stricter gun control. dozens of protesters gathered outside the nra headquarters in fairfax this morning. the protesters have been there the sandyth since hook school shooting in connecticut. switching gears to cover metro now, authorities are investigating an overnight derailment. the machine that derailed is
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it was passing a silver line train in the area. officials say no one was hurt and the section of tracks single tracking right now as part of phase one of the plan. phase two begins in prince george's county on saturday. let's get a check of the roadways. afternoon.d on the roads this afternoon, pretty uneventful for the mid day. we have been seeing a lot more traffic on the roadways. we will start you off with a look at interstate 66. for the most part, we are looking pretty good. we had an earlier crash inside the beltway. been cleared, and outside the beltway, we have midday construction in the haymarket area. off and on pockets of good traffic flow. no major problems to report, but fairfax county police say we did have a crash that had us
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shut down on telegraph road. as a matter of fact, northbound lanes may still be closed at euler street. in the meantime, midday construction will slow you down, especially in the district near the third street tunnel. you can see the activity on the side of the road. lanes are closed as you approach the side of the road. for in lanes in both directions. we want to get to breaking news now coming out of virginia where there is a report of a downed navy helicopter coming out of newport news. an affiliate of norfolk says it happened shortly after 11:00 this morning. the coast guard says a good samaritan vessel rescued three people and crews are now responding to the scene. we want to update you on this breaking news as more information comes into the newsroom. we also know 14 families are displaced after a three alarm fire that happened early this morning. baltimore police posted this video. if you a
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city, this is just east of patterson park. despite firefighters efforts to control the blaze, the entire city block went up in flames. the good news, though -- no one was hurt. damage estimated at about $200,000. to the weather, now, more warm weather out there today, but we are tracking potential storms tomorrow. meteorologist brian van de graaff is here. brian: pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday. the quicken loans national kicks off next week, believe it or not. things are looking beautiful out there. 70's out there right now. we're shooting for highs today once again in the low 80's. we saw that northerly component, the wind with the northerly component means humidity stays in check. humidity is level and the comfort level is high, so it feels spectacular. it is flag day. look
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our most recent one with 60 stars and stripes -- our most stars and with 50 stripes. we do get muggy as well, but will it rained throughout the rest of the week? thank you. coming up, the nightclub to have her attacks barring new debate over gun control. the drama that is causing in congress and on the campaign trail. plus, politics here in the district. the big races that will be cited in today's primary. and a popular actress comes to the
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jummy: developing now as we are learning more about the
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also beginning to hear from survivors. norman was hiding in a bathroom stall with several others as the shooter entered and then opened fire. started screaming and yelling at him, like please, do not do this. we have not seen your face. we do not know who you are. we have not even heard your voice yet. just please do not do this. i don't know if that made him .ant to do it more he had since grabbed the gun and shot over the top of the stall, and that's when i get hit on this side. said he watched someone before taking two bullets himself. when the shooter left the room, he tried to escape and was eventually saved by police officers. the shooting sparking renewed little turmoil on capitol hill. congress remains divided in anger over this vast shooting. democrats tried to advance gun control legislation yesterday but were
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some even walking out during a moment of silence. >> i will no longer stand here absorbing the soul concert -- the faux concern, contract strategy and tepid smugness. jummy: donald trump expanding his muslim immigration ban to countriesing from associated with islam. hillary clinton using the phrase radical islam but said she would not demonize an entire religion. partyn is already the pass presumptive nominee, but bernie sanders is technically still running. in an interview sunday, sanders says he wants to see how aggressive clinton will be on issues like income inequality and health care. also, it is primary day in the district, and there are several heated d.c. council races. john gonzalez
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where a steady stream of voters have been coming in all morning long. john: it is primary day in our nation's capital. the final primary in the entire of the as even some presidential races have lost some of their luster, there are still some local contests that have garnered a lot of attention. if you have already voted today, you probably noticed the new technology, new state-of-the-art machines. for the first time, d.c. voters are using these new devices. the signature will be on a tablet. the most important factor -- results will be transmitted wirelessly. d.c. has been criticized in the past four late results on election day. former mayor vincent gray is mounting what he would like to call a high-profile come back. he lost his mayoral reelection did of years ago -- two years ago
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into campaign finances. he has since been cleared amid all of that. he is trying to get his ward seven seat back. >> was on my mind today is finding a way that all citizens are included in this growth in d.c. >> the main thing is crime and jobs in the neighborhood and of course, police protection. about 300,000 registered voters in the d.c. area today. polls open at 7:00 this morning. they will close at 8:00 tonight at the recent. the first hour saw about 100 voters come through. are marchingters on capitol hill today, calling on congress to erase the confederate battle emblem on the mississippi state flag. the leader of the charge says this is a national issue because all americans are being
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affects all children. >> my niece and nephew are beloved in my life, and i don't want them going to school, which they do now, and have to walk under that flag, which various assembly tells them that their lives have no value other than chattel, beyond chattel. you may recognize her from abc's "quantico." that rally is expected to last until 1:00 this afternoon. so much going on around town. a baseball game later on tonight. boat thisas on a morning. jummy: i saw. just as a pirate with his eye patch on. take a look outside. we will show you what is happening. the same clouds about as yesterday, basically a carbon copy of what we had yesterday. that is key because yesterday was almost perfect, i
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really could not find a negative thing to say about yesterday. humidity remains low. temperatures remain comfortable. i think we're shooting for low 80's today. we are running about a degree or two milder, but about the same place that tells us it is pretty nice out there. temperatures across the area will hover in the upper 70's to low 80's, and it will be dry. wind is still out of the north. that's a look at the forecast. such get back to the present. just met witha: i my national security council as part of our regular effort to review and intensify our campaigns to destroy the terrorist group isil. our meeting was planned before the terrible attack in orlando, but, obviously, that tragedy, the awful loss of life, shaped much of our work today.
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foremost in our minds, the families who have seen their loved ones harmed, the friends of ours who are lesbian and gay and transsexual -- and i sexually transgendered who were harmed. i want to remind them that they are not alone. the american people and our allies and friends all over the world stand with you. and are thinking about you and are praying for you. as director call me has said, we currently do not have any information to indicate that a foreign terrorist group directed the attack in orlando. it is increasingly clear, ho
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extremist information and propaganda over the internet. he appears to have been an angry, disturbed, unstable young man who became radicalized. as we know all too well, terrorist groups like isil have called on people in america and around the world to attack innocent civilians. their propaganda, their videos, their postings are pervasive and more easily accessible and we .ant this individual appears to have absorbed some of that, and during his killing spree, the shooter in orlando pledged allegiance to isolate -- to isil . as i've said before, these loan actors or sub cells of terror are hard to detect and
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hard to prevent, but across our weernment at every level, are doing everything we can in our power to stop these kinds of attacks. we work to succeed 100% of the time. an attacker, as we saw in orlando, only has to succeed once. our extraordinary personnel, our intelligence, our military, our homeland security, our law enforcement have prevented many attacks and saved many lives, and we can never take the -- we can never thank them enough, but we are also bird by the fact that despite the extraordinary hard work, something like orlando can occur. in our meeting today, director call me updated us on the investigation in orlando. secretary johnson reviewed the measures we continue to take on behalf of our homeland security. secretary carter and chairman dump truck reviewed the military campaign against isil,
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his team for hosting us and for their tireless efforts to cut off the money that i sold uses to fund its terrorist network -- to cut off the money that isil uses to fund its terrorist network. .ur mission is to destroy isil since i last updated the american people on our campaign, we have seen that this continues to be a difficult fight, but we have seen progress. i have authorized the series of fight.o ratchet up our additional u.s. personnel including special forces in to assist local forces battling their, additional advisers to work closely with iraqi security forces, and additional assets including attack helicopters and additional support for local forces in northern iraq. our aircraft continued a launch from the uss harry truman, now in the mediterranean. our b-52 bombers are hitting
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precision strikes. targets are being identified and hit even more quickly. strikes.3,000 air this campaign at this stage is firing on all cylinders, and as
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liberated western towns and also pushed up the euphrates river valley, .iberating strategic towns iraqi forces have surrounded falluja and begun to move into the city. meanwhile in the north, iraqi versus continue to push up the , preparingr valley to tie the noose around isil and most will. isil continues to lose ground in syria as well. assisted by our special operations forces, the coalition of local forces is pressuring when chi-town, which means the .ews is tightening in short, our coalition continues to be on offense. isil is on defense, and it has been a full year since i s
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a major successful operation in either .yria or iraq as isil continues to lose territory and also continues to lose the money that is its lifeblood. , we result of our strikes believe we have cut oil by millions of dollars a month. we have deprived isil of many millions of dollars more and destroying storage study where they keep cash. isil is now effectively cut off from the international financial system. cutting off their money may not be as dramatic as military strikes, but it is critically important, and we are seeing results. cash reserves are down area isil on fighters.t down by their own admissions, some of their own leader
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stealing cash and gold. isil posturing nature has been revealed. these are not religious warriors. they are rugs. they are thieves. i want to mention it is critical for our friends in the senate to confirm my nominee for undersecretary of terrorism and financial intelligence. adam has served in democratic and republican administrations. everyone agrees he is imminently qualified. he has been working on these .inds of issues for years it has now been more than a year since i nominated him. more than or hundred 20 days and he still has not been given a full vote. there is no good reason for it. it is inexcusable. dois time for the senate to its job, put our national security first, and have a vote that can lead our financial fight against isil
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and help keep our country safe. isil's ranks are shrinking as well. their morale is sinking. isil isefector said, not bringing islam to the world and people need to know that. thanks to international efforts, the flow of foreign fighters, including from america to syria and iraq, has plummeted. our intelligence community now assesses that the ranks of isil writers has been reduced to the lowest levels in more than two and half years. even as we continue to destroy , we areitarily addressing larger forces that have allowed terrorists to gain traction in parts of the world. with regard to a rack, this means helping iraqis stabilize liberated communities and promote inclusive governments so .sil cannot return
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the assad regime has been the principal culprit in violating the cessation of hostilities. --al n on this roof usra, al qaeda's affiliate in syria, continue to terrorize syrians, but it has saved lives and allowed the delivery of some life-saving aid to syrians in desk or it need. as difficult as it is, we will continue to push for a political process that can end the civil war that can result in a .ransition away from assad beyond syria and iraq, isil is also losing ground in libya.
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government are going after isil in their strongholds and will continue to assist the new libyan government as it works to secure its country. home, if we at really want to help law enforcement protect americans , thehomegrown extremists kind of tragedies that have occurred at san bernadino and have occurred, there is a meaningful way to do that. we have to make it harder for people who want to kill americans to get their hands on weapons of war to let them kill dozens of innocence. it is absolutely true -- we cannot prevent every tragedy, but we know that consistent with
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reduce gun violence and could reduce the lethality of someone who intends to do other people .arm we should give atf the resources they need to enforce the gun resources they already have. people with possible ties to terrorism or not allowed on a plane should not be allowed to buy a gun. enough talking about being tough on terrorism. actually be tough on terrorism and stop making it as easy as possible for terrorists to buy assault weapons. reinstate the insult weapons ban. make it harder for terrorists to use these weapons to kill us. otherwise, despite extraordinary efforts across our government, by local law enforcement, by


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